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We have landed

June 17, 2013

Its been nearly four months since that first post and we are finally here in Seria, Brunei.  Crazy four months might I add.  We have been flat-out selling things, buying things, packing things, throwing out things, cleaning and gardening and organising our finances.  What a nice treat to arrive in Brunei and have absolutely nothing to do.  At least for the first couple of days.

We arrived at the airport in Bandar Seri Begawan mid afternoon, first ones off our flight (thanks to being the only business class flyers) but the last to leave the airport after processing our visa’s, collecting our 7 items of luggage, and declaring our two litres of alcohol.  We were immediately met by a shell person who escorted us to a waiting van and driver, thoughtfully fitted out with two booster seats for the kids.  The almost two hour drive to Seria was fairly uneventful, our driver was very slow and careful (and so were most other road users too) and the view was just rainforest and more rainforest until we arrived.

Our apartment is very simple, two bedrooms (so the kids get to share unfortunately) and a large dining/living room with a tiny kitchen and bathroom.  Glad we don’t have to stay here too long as there isn’t much space for two kids, but from what we’ve been told we are lucky to get an apartment and not a hotel room.

Our friends from New Plymouth, Mike and Troi have been showing us around Seria, seeing as they have two weeks worth of experience under their belts already.  They showed us a fantastic local open air market bursting with cheap fresh produce that we have filled our fridge with.  The local supermarket is great and has plenty of brands that we regularly bought in NZ, a few things from the UK that we remember well (Alpen cereal!) and plenty to get by on.  They have a ‘non halal’ section where you can go and buy your bacon and ham etc, so I can continue my morning bacon and egg omelette.

Renee had her first school visit this morning at the Panaga Nursery school.  She has a lovely teacher Miss Hettie and all the staff and the rooms seem to be great.  Angus has his assessment tomorrow at the senior school, but will start in classes in the junior school which is the building next to Renee on Thursday when they both officially start.  The hours are a little different from home, Renee begins at 0745 and finishes at 1130, and Angus starts at 0740 and finishes at 2pm.

Craig is off at his orientation for work today.  Unfortunately he needed to take our car so I’m stuck at home with the kidlets, both of whom are a little unwell.  Hoping he’ll get home soon and maybe we can take the kids to the dr ………

Outside our apartment in Seria

Outside our apartment in Seria


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  1. Michelle permalink

    Sounds like fun Lizzie. Great blog! I didn’t know you could write:)

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