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A new home

June 20, 2013

Today we signed up for our new house in H17 (this is the street name/area).  Although it is a brand new home in a close neighbourhood, the downside is that we are about as far away from the school and club as we can get.  The majority of the Shell camp is within easy cycling distance of the school and most families do just that.  I was very pleased to see on our first day at school that many many children and their parents cycle to school, something which we did in New Plymouth but were pretty much the only family to do so.

Initially when were offered this house we were encouraged by those in the know to turn down this offer and request temporary housing until something was available in the main camp, closer to school.  Poor Craig tried this with the housing person, who was not pleased and insisted that he put his reasons in writing and submit this to his supervisor.  OK message recieved.  We will just have to drive each day to school and the Panaga club, and at least we get a lovely new home to enjoy.

Today I visited the house and took some photo’s.  We can move in next Friday after they have cleaned and furnished the house with on loan furniture (until our shipping container arrives).  



Number 52, next on the left in a row of identical homes.

ImageDouble car port and tiled entranceway.  

ImageView of the kitchen through the window (no keys to get inside yet)

ImageLiving room and dining room through the archway, front door leads straight into living room.

ImageMaster bedroom (huge) with ensuite to left of photo (couldn’t see it from the window)

ImageAngus’s room complete with ugly built in shelving.

ImageRenee’s room, again complete with built in cabinets.

ImageBack door that leads from kitchen into fenced off clothes line area.  Amah’s quarters to left.

I visited a house further down our row at lunchtime today, the family there are planning on fencing off their entire property (they have a toddler), wooden decking around the front entrance way, repainting the interior living/dining area, changing some of the cabinetry in the kitchen (more benches and drawers), changing the cupboard doors in the bedrooms, and planting a garden and vege boxes.  Lots of potential, but lots of work too.









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  1. shortly24 permalink

    So you are allowed to make these changes then Lizzie? Would be nice to inject at least a little personality for the kids sake, if not for the sake of your sanity?

    • We are allowed to make changes but they have to be approved by Shell first, and when we leave we have to put it all back as it was – this includes digging up all the plants etc! Of course you then just sell these onto new arrivals in Brunei. Some people do huge additions with extra rooms, swimming pools etc.

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