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New curtains and paint at last.

September 12, 2013

As promised, here are some photo’s of the interior of number 52 now that we have finally sorted out the paint and the curtains/blinds. We are quite pleased with the curtains although they are not to the quality we would have expected back home. We have to return the house to its previous condition when we leave (maybe 2-4 years time) so we didn’t want to have a huge painting job (this is why we went with feature walls) and to be left with pricey curtains to try and on-sell. We still have a little work to go with putting up the final decorations, but for now we are mostly finished and very pleased with the final result.


Master bedroom.


Angus’s room, we need to get him a new bedspread and put some posters up (we had some up but the blue tack pulled the paint off the walls)


Renee’s pretty room, both kids chose their own paint colour, and Renee’s blind has little handbags all over it (so cute).Image

The living room, as you can see the curtains are a bit thin.  No need for thermal backing over here and we didn’t realise until they were up how thin the fabric was.  Never mind, we tend to only close the curtains at night anyway so it doesn’t matter that sunshine comes through them.  Thankfully the bedroom blinds have block out lining on them.Image

Finally the dining room with an additional sitting area and computer desk in the corner.  Its nice to have a quiet corner to sit in when the kids are watching TV in the lounge.


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  1. Marg permalink

    House interiors look very nice! Good choice of colours too. If you were worried about the thinness of the curtains you can always hang some lining fabric! John wants to know where the Monet is! XM

    • It’s there, currently has a pile of old curtains waiting to be picked up under it, so I didn’t photograph that. It’s directly opposite the front door, so the first thing you see when come inside.

  2. Tami permalink

    Nice deco’s…looking good over there guys!

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