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Labuan Island with the Hadfield’s

October 9, 2013

The midterm school holidays have arrived super quick after only 1 month of school, and there was a bit of a mix up at the kid’s school where they appeared to be the only school in the region unaware of a compulsory holiday for this week instead of next week.  So to keep the peace the school declared a holiday over two weeks, which seems a bit excessive given that we’re barely a month into the school year.

To keep the kids busy we’ve planned two trips away during this two week period, Labuan Island and Singapore.  We meant to take them to Singapore before the new school year but we ran out of time in the end.  Labuan is quite easy to get to from Brunei, you catch a ferry from Maura which is about 10 minutes north of Bandar, and is an hour and a half drive from our home in Seria.  The ferry ride takes around two hours if you take the slower car ferry which we did eventually. We tried to go on Saturday morning but after driving all the way to the ferry depot we found all the ferry’s full until late evening and we didn’t fancy arriving in the dark with two tired children and no car!  So we drove home Saturday and returned first thing on Sunday morning – must remember to book next time.

Our good friends Cathy and Elton and their kids met us on the ferry and we stayed in the same hotel, so the kids had friends on hand and us grownups had plenty of good conversation (and drinking buddies) to keep us occupied.  We were a little concerned in our run up to Labuan as we heard from several sources that Labuan was not a good holiday destination, given its reputation for being something of a red light district.  So after some trepidation and low expectations we were pleasantly surprised to find that it was a lovely spot and the hotel more than comfortable with a beautiful pool and lovely beach side location.  The only downside were the sand flies (covered in lots of itchy spots today) and the rain which didn’t stop the kids from enjoying the swimming anyway.Image

Driving up to the ferry.


Straight down to the beach after checking into the hotel.ImageImage

One bonus of holidaying in Malaysia…… can buy alcoholImage

Not quite sure why it isn’t OK to wear ‘sexy shorts’ but its OK to wear a bikini.Image

Labuan Island is the site of the surrender of the Japanese forces during WW2, they controlled Labuan for 3 1/2 years during the war.  The Japanese government built what they call the Peace Park in rememberace of this.ImageImage

This chimney is the most famous monument in Labuan, no one knows exactly what it was built for or when it was built (funny) but it has something to do with the coal mining history of the Island.Image

Labuan bird Park, was a nice little visit for the kids.Image

We hired Kayaks on our last afternoon in Labuan and the kids had a blast paddling around the lagoon.ImageImageImageImageImage


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  1. margaret permalink

    Great pictures Lizzie! Looks a lovely spot for lots of water sports. Looks as if Angus could handle a kayak better than GrandMarg!

    • Yes that side of the Island was very clean and the water was lovely. Would be good to try some snorkelling next time.

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