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Singapore Styles

October 17, 2013

Week two of the school holidays, Craig has his usual 4 days off work so we booked a quick trip to Singapore.  On arrival we discovered that there was a bit of a stuff up with our accommodation booking.  Apparently if you send an email request to the hotel asking for ‘two double beds’ and they reply that they will ‘try to accommodate the request’, this means that they don’t understand your request and they don’t have two double beds in any rooms in their hotel!  Must remember that for next time.  Poor kids ended up sleeping on sofa cushions for three nights, thankfully they didn’t seem to mind this much.  Other than this stuff up the hotel was very nice and right on Orchard Rd, which meant superb location for shopping and restaurants.  They were running a kids weekend programe when we arrived and both kids had their faces painted while us grownups tried (and failed) to fix up our bedding arrangements.Image


Monday:  we caught the complementary bus to Sentosa Island (a highlight for Angus – he just loves a good bus ride!) and spent the day at Universal Studios.  The kids had a blast and we quickly discovered that Angus is all talk when it comes to being brave on roller coasters, Renee was just plain chicken and happy to tell anyone who could hear her.  The first roller coaster we tried was located in the Shrek area of the park and was supposed to be suitable for small children.  Angus spent the whole ride saying “i’m so scared” then shrieked “that was awesome” as soon as it finished.  Renee just burst into tears when it stopped!  So we only did gentle rides with her from then on.  Angus and Craig braved an hour long que for a Return of the Mummy’s roller coaster, and poor Angus was so terrified afterwards he cried for about 15 mins.  It wasn’t all so frightening though and we all loved the 4D Shrek movie complete with moving chairs and sneezing donkeys that sprayed cold water on the audience.ImageImage

Craig totally loved this one!ImageImage

Getting ready to be sprayed with donkey spit in the 4D movie.ImageImage

A live show based on the movie Waterworld.ImageImageImage

Tuesday: we planned an easy day to rest up for the Night Safari that evening.  The kids had other plans though and we had tickets to the day Zoo so we taxi’d out there for about 3 hours to try and burn off some of their excess energy.  Then back to the hotel for swimming (while I shopped) and then back to the Zoo for the safari after dinner.  Both kids loved the zoo, and Angus could not believe his eyes when they draped a massive python over some poor man from the audience (his jaw was literally hanging open).



A bit of bouncing to burn off some of that energy.ImageImage

The Orangutans were the best bit I thought.  They were amazing to watch, so human like yet so bizarre with big long arms and long red fur.  We must try to see some in Borneo at some stage.Image

No flash photography at the Night Safari, so the only photo’s are of us strange Kiwi folk!

Wednesday: After a short sleep-in and MacDonalds for breakfast (we can’t get MacDonalds at home so it is quite a treat) we headed back out to the airport for our flight back to Miri.

We’re all pleased to be home for now as we’ve had quite a bit of time away recently.  Renee had ballet today and Angus is back at Tennis tomorrow.  Monday is school again finally and so resumes our normal routine.


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