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Busy Children

December 13, 2013

December is always busy I suppose, and Brunei has proved to be no exception.  Angus had yet another school production to perform in (Starship Silver and Grey) over two evenings, Renee had two ballet performances (and several rehearsals) and finally today, on the last day of school for the year Renee had a nativity play.  Of course this has all been frantically fitted in between Christmas parties and end of year functions.  Thank goodness the school holidays start tomorrow and we have three weeks of slow starts and no more packed lunches!

Some photo’s of these busy kids then:

Angus’s school production, his job was to hold a silver archway, and sing loudly.



Renee’s ballet performance of Sleeping Beauty, was a bit excessive for a four year old to be honest.  In the week before the two performances she had two dress rehearsals and her usual ballet class, the times of which kept changing on a daily basis.  The tickets for the performance were $20 per adult, which I guess was to pay for the fantastic costumes, set, lighting etc – truly I would have been just a pleased to see her stand up in a second hand tutu and dance with only her class mates.  Will try to keep this in mind next year…….


Today’s performance was the Christmas Nativity story with the other P1 children at her school.  I was a bit surprised that they would have a christian performance like this but then I suppose it is an international school and they have to cater to all.  There were a few of the Muslim kids not attending today which is understandable.  Renee was an In-Keeper for this performance, so I had to dust off the sewing machine and make her an outfit.  Mum – you will recognise the top half as that pretty cotton peasant blouse/dress you bought her earlier this year.  Poor Renee had a small accident over the weekend and came off with a nasty big bruise on her forehead (boys shut a door in her face!), so she was most pleased this morning when I insisted we apply makeup before going onstage, you can almost pretend the big egg isn’t there?


Renee with her two best girlfriend’s Niah (the shepherd) and Luciana (the angel).

And lastly I thought I must pop a wee something on here about our two new additions to the family.  These two boys were dumped behind the local supermarket, in a plastic bag, at around three weeks old.  Thankfully they were discovered very quickly by a kindly sort (don’t think they would have survived the night) and taken to a foster home until they were old enough to be re homed.  There were three brothers, one was taken to his new home before we met them, but I didn’t have the heart to separate them so they both came home to live with us.  We are not sure about their parentage, but they might have some sort of Siamese in there somewhere given that they are both white with blue eyes and points.  Sparky (or Sparkly as Renee calls him) is a red or fire point and wee Freckles has a grey tail and freckly paws.  Before any of you say anything, yes I am aware that Craig is severely allergic to cats, and no, it was not my idea to get them, it was Craig’s suggestion.  Craig is coping fine, the kittens sleep together in the pantry at night so are kept well away from poor Craig who loves them just as much as the rest of us.Image


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