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An exceptional Dubai Christmas

January 7, 2014

We are back in Brunei after 10 days holiday in Dubai, unfortunately we all have rather nasty jetlag keeping us up half the night – I suppose that is our punishment for having such a good time on holiday. Both kids keep telling me that they have been falling asleep in class, but it sounds like they are not the only ones.  I guess when you go to an International school everyone has jetlag after the holidays.

We flew out to Dubai late on the 23rd after opening most of our Christmas presents that we wouldn’t be taking with us.

Lots of lovely gifts from NZ!  Including coloured hair chalk from Aunty Sarah.



Daddy got a new foot stool.


Mummy was very spoilt  with a new mixer, something I’ve been wanting for a couple of years now.Image

We arrived in Dubai early Christmas Eve getting to Sarah and Karl’s house around 3am.  The kids were happy enough to go straight to bed and we all slept in until about 9am.  Christmas morning was super fun with all the kids in the house, and Karl even made it home from his latest trip in time to join us all.  We went to Brunch on Christmas day at the Meydon Racecourse, it seems to be the thing you do when in Dubai!  The food was fantastic with so much choice it was almost too hard to decide what to eat next, plenty of wine and beer (makes a change from Brunei) and lots of entertainment for the kids.  Several of Sarah and Karl’s friends joined us at the Meydon which made it so much more entertaining for the grownups too.

Opening their santa sacks with Seamus and Charlotte, still in their jarmies complete with bedhair.


Arriving at the Meydon, cousins enjoying hanging out with each other.ImageImage

I tried to take photo’s of the buiding because it was just an amazing piece of arcitecture, but the photo’s could not do it justice.Image

The Dubai skyline on the way home in the taxi.Image

Angus’s Christmas present from us was a ‘green machine’ which defies explanation, but is obviously a ton of fun!  Seamus has one as well, so there were lots of green machine derby’s on the road outside Aunty Sarah’s house.Image

Of course we had to do some touristy stuff in Dubai while there, so Sarah took us to Ski Dubai for a bit of a play in the snow.  We didn’t ski this time, but I think Sarah was planning on going back at some stage to take some lesson’s.  Its hard to imagine this huge snow mountain in the middle of a Dubai shopping mall, and its even weirder once you are inside and can see all of the happy shoppers watching you from the other side of the glass.


Next stop Abu Dhabi, but I’ll put that on its own post because this one is getting rather picture heavy already – see I told you we had a good time, we packed a lot into 10 days.


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  1. margaret permalink

    Fantastic pictures Liz! It must be hard to settle down after such a fantastic holiday, especially for Craig who has to go to work!

    • Yes its been really hard on us this time. The kids were up until nearly midnight again last night but they were exhausted this morning so hopefully that will be the end of it.

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