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There’s a Five Year Old in the House

February 10, 2014

Yesturday the youngest person in our house turned five.  Renee was so super excited about this and has greeted everyone she’s seen since with ” I’m five, how old are you”?  We started the morning in usual birthday fashion, pancakes and presents, followed by a big crowd of friends for her party.  One of her classmates also had a birthday party in the afternoon, but thankfully we were able to time it perfectly so that both could be done.  This mummy was well and truly partied out by 5pm though!  And I think Renee ate at least three pieces of cake and no food with any actual nutritional value for the entire day.  It was back to reality with a jolt this morning, back to the school grind as usual.  

Thanks for all the well wishers hoping Renee enjoys her first day at school.  She actually started school in June last year though…….which is admittedly a little different from the New Zealand way.  She’s already quite adept and reading and writing, which is a fantastic start considering she couldn’t even write her own name in June. Thankyou also to all the family who sent gifts to us all the way out here in Brunei, the effort was very much appreciated.

So here’s some pic’s of the big day, and the cake of course, which was yet again strawberry flavoured, as requested by Miss 5.ImageImageImageImageImageImageImage

Our gift to Renee was this fab little artist’s easel, we are hoping that it’ll mean less paper lying around the house covered with Renee’s wonderful drawing and writing practice.  The back side is a blackboard with chalk, and there is also a roll of paper in the centre that she can use instead of swiping the paper out of our printer.



Of course no weekend would be complete without a little time spent in the garden.  We had this patch of lawn that refused to grow grass and was full of gravel, so we spent a morning digging out the stones (which turned out to be bits of concrete, roofing/flooring tiles and bricks), filling back up with topsoil, and then replanting with something we hope will survivie.  I rained heavily last night and washed away some of the topsoil, but so far nothing has shrivelled up and turned brown.Image


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